San Costanzo - Punta Campanella

Duration: 6 h   Level: Moderate  Distance: 4 km   Elevation difference: 300 m


Equipment: water, food, trekking shoes, sun glasses, solar protection


Is the very end of the Sorrento Peninsula, dividing effectively the gulf of Naples and the gulf of Salerno. Therefore it provides incredible views over Naples and the Vesuvius on one side, Capri on the front as we proceed towards the Cape, and on the Amalfi coast and the astonishing view from above of the Bay of Ieranto. These landscapes appear one by one as we walk towards the Cape during the 1.5 hours walk, keeping your interest alive and your jaws open. The path ends at the feet of an anti-pirate observation tower dated back in the 16th century and as we explore the area, we can also find the ancient basement of a roman temple. And here you’ll be amazed by how nature, history and landscapes intersect each other. The tour starts from the Termini town, where it’s possible to get all the necessary water and supplies, then the walk starts going up, to reach the top of San Costanzo mountain, and from there the walk on top of the crest starts going down towards the Cape, presenting you with panoramic views over the peninsula and the Bay of Ieranto. Once at the end of the path, you can infiltrate in a crack on the rock, which leads to a cave at the sea level, perfect during hot days of summer. The path doesn’t present major difficulties, but since it is a rough ground, it is best advised for people with minimal experience of hiking.


 Optional snorkeling tour to discover the unique feature of the Cape, where boundaries between deep water and coastal features get as narrow as they can