Pontone - Valle delle Ferriere

Duration: 6h

Level: Easy

Distance: 1.5km

Elevation difference: 300m


Equipment: water, food, trekking shoes, sun glasses, solar protection

Starting proint from the square of Pontone, a small town just above Amalfi,  we will follow a path that was, and still is, used to carry equipment and goods through donkeys; this path will lead to an ancient water way with a nice area where it's possible to rest along a crystal-clear water stream called Canneto. Before going down to Amalfi, it is possible to take a side path that leads to a fascinating protected area, where it's possible to admire an amazing waterfall and a rare species of ferns. After, we will lunch at Canneto area. The downhill to Amalfi is rich of interesting ruins and landscapes. Once we are in Amalfi it's possible to visit the interesting Paper Museum and the Dome.