Baia di Ieranto Notturna

Duration: 6h     Level: Moderate         Distance: 9.3 km


Optional Snorkeling tour to discover the marine life of the Bay of Ieranto.


Equipment: Kayak*, paddle*, PFD*, spray skirt*, waterproof jacket*, signaling lights*, snorkeling gear*, wetsuit*, sunglasses, hat, swimsuit, beachtowel


*provided by us


Night paddling is a unique way to experience the nature of the Sorrento Peninsula. The tour starts from marina del Cantone setting route for the Bay of Ieranto in the last hours of daylight, along this course you can admire the spectacular landscape of Capri and the Amalfi coast. While the kayaks approach the Bay of Ieranto, Stunning cliffs of limestone provide totally different emotions. Once in the bay, protected by high and steep hills, the water becomes flat, giving you feelings of peacefulness that only nature can. At this point the tour pauses with break on the beach, where its possible to make a sunset snorkeling tour and after that, local food and fine wine are provided for the dinner. After dark, we get back in kayak to return to Marina del Cantone, but this time submerged in a totally different landscape, where water becomes oil flat, stars and moon shine and reflect over the water. During the summer months, as our paddle moves the water, it is possible to observe the amazing planktonic bio fluorescence, a natural phenomenon as interesting as beautiful.


Recommended things to bring: Spare jumper/clothings, water, beachtowel, hat and headlamp (we will provide the signalling lights for safety purposes, but the headlamps can be useful, not only while in kayak)